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The English House Cremona project has one main goal: to offer a cosy and innovative space to the city, a kid & family friendly area able to promote integration and sharing.
The idea comes from my studies and experiences in Italy and abroad: I spent years of my life travelling and studying foreign languages and cultures, they became my job and I consider them as one of the most important elements when it comes to build relations between different people and cultures.
When neglected, languages can cause misunderstandings but also isolation. Education starts from early childhood, and so does linguistic education. Amazing years abroad gave me the chance to know worlds that are very different from mine, and this increased my determination to bring something new and helpful to my city.
That’s how the English House Cremona project started, and it’s now going to be a reality from 2018.
The importance of English language in the job market and in the international world is a fact. Unfortunately there aren’t so many opportunities to deepen the traditional school preparation.
Despite few new language courses and schools developed in Cremona lately, we still don’t have a real bilingual educational path starting from the Early Years.
How to gather Italian families interested in discovering a second language and at the same time to create opportunities to meet and socialise? Thanks to the English House: a cosy, colourful and familiar space, perfect for creative activities for children , teenagers and adults with a rich programme that includes a variety of artistic expressions (music, art, sport, culture).
The purpose is to give everyone the chance to learn something through group experiences, able to involve and move.

Lucia Olivieri
English House Cremona Founder

About us


Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages (English, Russian and French) - Università degli Studi Bergamo
Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages for international communication and cooperation (English and Russian) - Università degli Studi Bergamo
Currently finishing a second Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Sciences (Early Years) - Università degli Studi Bergamo
Teacher Assistant at ENS (English Nursery School) a private English preschool for high profile families
Post Placement Support Manager for English teachers and governesses for Bonne International - English Nannies and governess Agency
Private governess for Russian families - Italian and English teacher
Official Learn with Mummy Teacher and Franchisee in Cremona - English playgroups for children aged 0-6 and their parents Deep passion for children and bilingualism, full of ideas and dreams, always searching for new challenges and improvement

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