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The first bilingual preschool in Cremona: what a responsibility!

There is still a lot of misinformation about early years bilingualism, but a more and more consistent scientific literature has been supporting its beneficial effects for years. Beside an easier access to two cultures, a higher degree of tolerance and the huge advantages in the future job market, bilingualism gives other cognitive benefits:
better spontaneous knowledge of the language structure
greater predisposition to learning new languages
greater executive control over attention and protection from the decline of cognitive functions arising in old age.


Kiddie Corner’s main goal is to promote a balanced and supervised development of the child in a bilingual environment, thanks to a well structured daily programme and the presence of one English and one Italian teacher working together.
During the school day children will learn to interact in two different languages depending on the person they are talking to (this is typical of the 1 person 1 language approach). The learning process will be observed and personalised according to the child’s needs and progress. This will be possible by actively involving the parents.
The limited number of places available in the school allows us to really focus on the different children, in order to guarantee a peaceful environment.
We have worked on an educational programme that involves a variety of professionals in our territory, in order to create relations and cooperations we are very proud of.
Together with the PreNursery “PRIMI PASSI” we have been gradually increasing the amount of hours of English offered to their children, with very successful results and general satisfaction among parents. This is a way to guarantee continuity in the language learning process, from 0 to 6 years old. Language means sharing and communication first of all. Language needs a social context, a group of children to play with. Our school priority is to build positive and pleasant experiences, because they won’t be forgotten.
Teachers work WITH your children, FOR your children and ON your children so that they can become respectful, independent and self-confident individuals.

Educational Programme

Bilingualism is sought and constructed thanks to the exposure to 2 languages in a simultaneous and natural way. Physical-motor education will be managed by a competent figure with a specific degree in physical education.
The Montessori inspiration is applied both in the organization of the class and in the activities structure.
There are several areas in which the Montessori child is involved. Their common element is that children learn through direct experience, by doing and making something. When you do something, you become more and more aware of you body and limits; you strengthen your movements control. This is possible thanks to a regular weekly PE programme, suitable for all the age groups.
The main areas included in the teaching process are:

  • practical life;
  • the sensory area;
  • the expressive-linguistic area;
  • the logical-mathematical area;
  • physical-motor education;
  • the music.

Besides, symbolic play, art and manipulation. Children have the freedom to choose activities in an environment that is always carefully structured and prepared. They learn how to take responsibility for the items by tidying up and how to respect their peers’ work.
Freedom has clear boundaries. Every child is treated with respect: no one is allowed to be overwhelmed or violated.
Respect also means not to interrupt the others’ work, not to remove an object or toy from someone else’s hands, not to waste it. Respect is not to judge or force. Respect comes from the attitude of adults towards children: they absorb this social behaviour when a good example is given.



Children’s welcome: from 8.00 am to 9.00 am

Pick-up time: from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Morning snacks with fresh fruit: 10.30 am
Lunch is served: 12.15

Sleep time: from 1.30 pm to about 3.30 pm for children who need it / relaxing activities in a separate area for those who don’t sleep

Afternoon snacks: around 3.45 pm




The inspiration for our activities areas comes from the Montessori philosophy: bright neutral colours, an environment able to promote the child’s independence, several materials to test daily, a class divided and equipped according to the competence areas (Reading, Maths, Arts, PE, Music..)
Large space is given to crafts and creativity, depending on the age range but without a rigid division, because we find very enriching when older children cooperate with younger ones and vice versa.
The school has common spaces and equipment to boost cleaning activities; a library to promote love for books and stories; soft areas to relax, play and hide.
The school also has: a large changing area, studied in order to promote independence in getting dressed and undressed; a bright common area, where most of the daily activities will take place (welcome, Circle time, Montessori Activities, lunch); a relax area where children can sleep but also read and do workshops; two bathrooms, one for the children and one for the staff; a kitchen where to organise the lunch delivered every day by a carefully selected catering; a little gym and two gardens, one facing the school and the other one on the back side.


Children will spend time outside everyday, in order to know the nature around them.
The outdoor areas will be used during the whole year thanks to the shade of beautiful fruit trees.
Even the choice of the plants to grow will be made according to the school programme.
The seasons will be studied trough observation and through the realisation of an educational garden.


Respecting and taking care of the environment will be one of the main goals of the development programme. The use of nature objects and recycled materials will allow children to express creativity and fantasy in a very personal way.



It is possible to secure a child’s place in the nursery by paying the annual enrolment fee:


If you enrol to KIDDIE CORNER Nursery you are entitled to unlimited and free access to the FAMILY CORNER space, you also receive a 10% discount on any workshop that will be organised during the year in the ENGLISH HOUSE.
If you want to have more details about school organisation, educational choices and fees, please read the PTOF. You can open and download it at the beginning of this page (see the button).
Discounts and tailored offers can be discussed for couples of siblings or families with special requests. Please contact us to know more about the current offers and to receive a custom quote.


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