Family Corner

A parents oasis

The Family Corner is a space realised for parents and children, equipped with a cosy living room, changing table, bottle warmer, coffee and tea table and free wifi. The perfect space where to spend pleasant hours with your babies when you don’t know where else to go or just for a quick pit-stop.
Warm rooms, a rich meetings and labs programme, with great occasions for socialising. It’s a small corner out of chaos.
You can find consultants, workshops and conferences for families, but also arts and crafts for children. You can decide to rent the space to host a birthday party or a small event. You will also have the chance to take part to our weekly English playgroups (for children and parents together) and you can keep fit thanks to Lara and her courses, created and studied for women.



MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 8.30 am - 7.00 pm

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm

It’s possible to rent both the indoor and outdoor spaces for birthday parties and other events, both with all-inclusive packages and with rent-only offers.
Contact us to have more details.


Would you like to gradually introduce English language in your children’s life?
Would you like to give your girl the chance to travel abroad without communication problems?
Do you often think about the opportunities that you didn’t have and that you would like to give to your son?
Are you an English speaking parent who would like to offer your bilingual children occasions for playing in English also outside home?
There are many reasons why you want to teach English to your kids, and Early Childhood is the ideal moment when to start.
The earlier the child is exposed to the language, the better it is. Childhood is the period when children learn to talk in their mother tongue and the learning process works in the same way with a second language as well. Like the mother tongue, a second language needs a social context in order to be learned, and kids learn faster when they are together with other kids to play with. That’s why the playgroups Learn with Mummy were born.
The playgroups Learn with Mummy are suitable for:

  • those who already speak perfect English (even though business English is not so helpful with a child)
  • those who don’t speak English or very badly (you’ll learn together with you child!)
  • those who have a 6 month-old baby (no, it’s not too early)
  • those who have a 5 year-old child (no, it’s not too late)

During the playgroups we play, we read, we act and we sing. All the tools that we offer during the weekly meetings will be very helpful to parents, that will be able to repeat the activities at home. Repetition helps children to learn.
Your child will be the one to ask you to sing, read and play in English!
The goal is this: to boost the children’s curiosity and wish to learn English. This wish, if correctly promoted, will be part of his entire life.
During our playgroups we only speak English. Always. Nobody speaks Italian, not even the parents. All the activities that we do can be, or rather, have to be re-introduced at home, through DVDs, CDs, books, songs and games. This because no child can learn a second language just with a weekly one-hour course. The parent’s role is crucial.
The playgroups follow the school calendar (but they start in October and they end in May). There are playgroups during the week or on Saturday morning. Contact us to find the perfect solution for your frenetic weeks.
More details:

Contact Teacher Lucia

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